Image of a couple who has recently bought a home

For Homeowners

Congratulations on being a homeowner!

Buying a home is exciting, whether it’s your first house or your fifth, but it’s also a big commitment. After you’ve closed on your new home is when the responsibilities of homeownership reality kicks in. You own a home!

We at the Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) understand that your mortgage is just one part of your financial picture. You may have car payments, school loans, credit cards or other bills along with your new mortgage. We want you to succeed in homeownership and we know that can only occur when all your financial obligations are in order. Our goal is ensure that you are in a healthy financial position for the long term.

HPF will be your financial coach for the life of your mortgage. Our housing counselors will work with you on your budgeting and even help you create a spending plan. We will make sure that you have skills and knowledge to successfully maintain your home and finances.